Saturday, November 24, 2012

The New Trends and Make-up Buys Last Part

Sunset Shades
With the sun setting on summer, the new season is paying homage to the bronzy, fiery hues so often associated with beach holidays.

Dries Van Noten and Narciso Rodriguez flaunted unapologetically bold orange shades on eyes and lips respectively.

A wash of orange-hued blush will liven up a winter complexion; orange nails will be a welcome change from the sea of nudes and navy polishes we’ll be seeing; while a tomato red lip is a modern take on that classic red.

Estee Lauder
Looking like a sunset in a palette this will add life to a sallow winter complexion.

Never tried orange eyeshadow before? This season is a good time to start and this palette is super flattering.

Citrus nails may seem more suited to summer, but opt for a tomato red shade like this MAC one.

Add sparkling highlights to your complexion with this golden liquid illuminator.

Channel the Narciso Rodriguez show with this juicy lipstick.

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