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No time to hunt for the perfect makeup shades for your skin tone? Check out these picks makeup artists say look amazing on all women
Tell me if you've been here before: You see a picture in a magazine of a stunning fuchsia pink lipstick that looks AMAZING on the model, so you promptly rip out the magazine page and hightail it to Sephora with one mission: To get that fuchsia lipstick. 
But after 30 minutes of trying on eight different "fuchsia" lipsticks, you end up walking out of Sephora clutching your makeup equivalent of a security blanket -- your go-to sheer pink lip gloss. 
Look, we love having options -- but the endless number of hues and ever-so-subtle variations of peaches, pinks, and corals often have us breathing into a brown paper bag before resorting to our usual neutral makeup shades. 

That's why we tapped our go-to sources -- the best makeup artists in the biz -- to give us the color options that'll help us look put-together and be a little bit daring. And the best way to do that? Buy these 10 makeup products guaranteed to look amazing on all skin tones.
Don't be fooled. This goldmine of products isn't your typical "safe" makeup roundup. We pumped celebrity makeup artists David Maderich and Christina Guerra for the products they use on all of their celebrity clients, from pale-skinned Julianne Moore to chocolate-complexioned Kerri Washington. They say these 11 universally flattering makeup picks work well on every skin tone -- including yours. So, what's first on their lists these days? The universally flattering fuchsia lipstick, of course.

Surprised to see purple in this roundup? We were, too, but Maderich says this is a great universal color. Think about it, he says: "When you hear a dirty joke or just finished a workout, the natural flush in your cheeks has a purplish hue." The key to wearing this color well is in the appliction. See his tips below: 

For pale skin: Using a big fluffy brush, apply a sheer wash of the color high on the cheekbones. 
For medium/olive skin: Apply it on your cheeks, extending it to your temples. 

For dark skin: Apply the color on your cheeks, then with a sponge, reapply foundation on top of the color, to blend out any gray in the powder blush. "Mixing the plum with a little foundation is my secret to make the color look like it's emanating from within their skin," says Maderich.

"I just adore a sheer, gold gloss on everybody," says Maderich. "A sheer gold looks beautiful on its own for a Saturday brunch; on top of a pink lipstick, it looks like candlelight." And Maderich guarantees that a gold tint is flattering on all women. "Whether you have golden or pink undertones, gold flecks will add light to the skin. If you need a 4 o' clock pick me up, put a little gold on your lips to make your whole face pop."

"This is a showstopper. It's one of those colors you're going to love or hate since it's so bold," says Maderich. "But, this hot fuchsia is a beautiful color, and really does look good on everybody." He says many fuchsia lipsticks tend to have a lot of blue in them, which can look too pink on those with yellow undertones. Funny Face is one of the few "true" fuchsias. "If you don't have time to do your makeup, popping on a bright lip like this fuchsia will make you look put together in minutes -- and you'll definitely turn heads." 

Bonus: Maderich says this color is also appropriate for those past the 20-something age. "If you want to look younger or feel hip, I think fuchsia lips work on women of all ages."

Neutral gold eyeshadow, like a gold gloss, is universally flattering and helps brighten the eyes, helping you look more bright-eyed and awake. "Gold eyeshadow is more eye-catching than just brown eyeshadow, but not as intense as a purple. Gold eyes are more of a whisper than a scream, which is nice," says Maderich. The Bobbi Brown palette comes with five shades, so odds are good that you'll find one you love. You can use each as a separate eyeshadow, or you can swivel a fluffy blush brush over the palette and use as a flattering highlighter on your cheekbones.

"A shade of pinky brown is a really good neutral, because it adds definition to the lips but won't overpower your face or even your natural lip color," says Maderich. And since this shade has neutral undertones, it's a universally good pick for every skin tone. Insider tip: You can use this pinky-brown lipstick to correct or reshape thin lips. "Women always complain about a lack of an upper lip. I hate it when people use red lipstick to reshape their lips -- it usually makes them look like Joan Crawford," says Maderich. "With a pinky shade of brown, you can overdraw your lips and it'll look pretty darn natural." 

Bonus: "Pinky-nude is a beautiful color to wear if you have rosacea," says Maderich. "If you wear a lip color that's too red or too blue, it'll bring out the underlying redness in your cheeks."
"Don't be afraid of the green undertone of this long-wear cream eyeshadow," says Guerra. "The shimmery greenish-gray makes the perfect smoky eye -- without the harshness of black eyeshadow." She shares tips on how to wear the shadow below: 

Step 1: Apply to your lids using your fingertips. 
Step 2: Smudge a black or brown eyeliner over it and blend. 
Step 3: Top with black mascara and you're done. 
Step 4: For bonus drama, top with another universally flattering shade, Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in Where There's Smoke, $18.

This brownish-plum lip color may strike fear into your pink-lip-gloss wearing hearts, but Maderich assures us that the color is totally wearable and flattering for all skin tones. It's just a matter of personal preference. "It's a great color because it's right between blue and yellow." And even though the color looks fierce, Maderich says it's not a showstopper. Rather, it's the perfect color for when you want to add a little more definition to your lips without garnering too much attention. Some other, universally flattering options are Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $15, and Wet n' Wild Color Icon Lip Liner in 666 and 712, $0.99. 

Bonus: If you have a fuller face, you need a focal point to draw attention to the center, like a brown-plum lip. "A little definition at the center of the face can help sculpt the roundness," says Maderich. "A nude color can just make your face look like a beach ball."

While black is often every woman's go-to eyeliner shade, Maderich says he doesn't like black on everybody. That's because a lot of black eyeliners have blue undertones. On the other hand, "a nice dark chocolate brown eyeliner looks good on everybody." Guerra agrees. Her favorite choco brown liner is MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, because "it doesn't lean too red, making it the perfect all-purpose eye enhancer. Reddish tones can make your eyes look tired." Apply the liner to your top lashline for a natural look, or smudge it out with a brush to make your eyes really stand out.

It's a cult favorite for good reason: This peachy pink blush with just a hint of golden shimmer is flattering for most skin tones, because everybody has a little pink, peach, or gold in their skin, says Maderich. "The sheer bit of gold always makes the skin come to life. Whenever I'm in a hurry, I always reach for this blush, because I know it'll make anybody look good."

We know what you're thinking -- neon coral pink looks good on everyone? "Believe it," says Guerra. "This opaque formula can be applied full-strength for a look-at-me pout. Or, for a more wearable look, apply a tiny dot (a little goes a long way) onto the center of moisturized lips and blend."

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