Sunday, October 30, 2011

I just love shoes!! ;)


Jennifer Lopez Midcalf Boots

Just Love them!!!


 Totally Sexy!! 
Let's take a look on this campaign ;)


Ok Loving this look also! :D

How can i get this one look also?

I love this look!! :)

How can i get this look?


I Love this look! :)

How can you have this look?

Giorgio Armani Women's Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012

An image that suggests a world of dreams, dreams that evoke tales of passion. The Giorgio Armani woman, as reflected in the mirror of her own fantasies, explores the full range of her senses, becoming protagonist of a style that cleverly emphasises the beauty of the body, but never flaunts it.
The whole collection evokes contemporary values, with its emphasis on a sense of movement that redefines the very nature of trousers -- cut off at the ankle and with a turn up that accentuates the width. Skirts are long and flowing with a harmonic line to the hem. Dresses skim the figure, as fluid as water, without any opening other than a few cuts on the back or at the hips.
A new concept in suits recalls the most intimate rituals of dress, epitomised by the jacket that buttons up at the back in unexpectedly soft micro plissé.
Soft pinks are constant throughout, in close rapport with black, pewter and brown: flesh pink, powder pink, rose petal pink, iridescent pink, powder pink. Precious weaves, opulent embroidery and innovative textures contribute sparkling reflections and sudden glints of light.
Every single fabric is the product of dedicated research and development: satins that seem to meld into the skin, silks, velvets and chiffons that float like a trail of perfume.
The jewellery favours striking designs in rock crystal and filigree, and includes stones fashioned into a choice of favourite charms which recur on the clutches. The peep toe satin shoes with their shaped plexiglass heels add a sexy appeal to every step, as do the short boots in embroidered satin with their elongated lines.

Giorgio Armani Men's Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012

                                                           REMIX EN GRIS
To mix and remix: this key approach that defines so much of contemporary culture is at the heart of this collection. It's an eclectic process that draws on and reinterprets the classic world of Giorgio Armani. 

The presence of the colour grey is important and a determining factor for Autumn/Winter 2011-12, and is expressed in a wide range of nuances...masculine and sophisticated!

From suits to shoes, from belts to silk printed shirts, flannel transforms and is reinterpreted, giving birth to a mix of innovative impressions.

This is never more apparent and clearly stated than in the outfit that opens the show: a beautifully designed and weighty overcoat, teamed with a flannel suit/tracksuit, a shirt in jersey and a tie.

This fusion of contrasting elements, achieving a well judged balance between the elegant and the casual, combines a clear cut logical code of dress with a total commitment to progressive and contemporary couture for men.

Sexy or sexy, that is the question ?

- TALLY WEiJL  Fall Collection 2011

TALLY WEijL Fall collection 2011
Model: Alexandra Richards
Photographers: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Video Production: Eclumes Studio

Sexy or sexy, that is the question

- TALLY WEiJL Fall Winter Campaign 2011

TALLY WEiJL Fall Winter Campaign 2011
Model: Alexandra Richards
Photographers: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
Video Production: Eclumes Studio

Making of It's A Wild North & A Flashy Winter

                         - TALLY WEiJL 2011                           

TALLY WEiJL Winter Lookbook Collection 2011
Model: Ola Rudnicka
Photography: Raphael Delorme & Thierno Sy
Video: Ana-Maria Camejo & Natalia Villegas

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Winners of the M∙A∙C Halloween Face Off with Snooki!

You voted! Who survived the makeup challenge? The winners of the M∙A∙C Halloween Face Off with Snooki are Joey Camasta and Carly Utting! Watch their acceptance video…and check back October 31st to see their final Halloween look from Las Vegas!

Stylish & MakeUp:Backstage

 Back to 70s with John Marketakis and Max Factor!


Glow & Powder
Eyeliner & Glow
Mascara & Final Touch
Lips & Base
Lipliner & Liploss
Final Look!!!