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MAC SS13 Fashion Week: Makeup Artist Trends with Sam Bryant

"It's something individual, it's different, it's out's special." Makeup Artist Sam Bryant combines her fun-loving sense of humour and backstage expertise to capture the theatrical and romantic essence of a fresh-faced English schoolgirl at SS13 Fashion Week.

L'Invitation Au Voyage - The Louis Vuitton Advertising Campaign Film

 Accept the invitation at

Paris and its mysteries... For centuries, the most wonderful intrigues have been woven in the Louvre, a haven of culture and history. 
An intrepid young woman enters this universal temple and unwinds the skein of time. After an encounter with the Mona Lisa and the Italian masters, armed with a key, she releases the secrets -- also desired by a man hot on her heels -- enclosed for more than 150 years in a legendary trunk created by Louis Vuitton. 
Like a thread stretching across time and space, a hot-air balloon rises above the Cour Carrée. The beautiful unknown woman leaves the Louvre for a far-off destination in pursuit of her destiny.

Directed by Inez and Vinoodh.

CHANEL in Seoul

The Little Black Jacket exhibition opening film in Seoul, November 28th
Interviews by Seo-Yeon Choi
More information on

Plastic Kids, Live

Backstage at Tangjie Fall/Winter 2012-13 Fashion Show in Beijing | Fashi...

Smokey Eyes: Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter 2012-13 ft Karlie Kloss & Car...

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LA VIE EST BELLE Making of - Lancôme


Julia Roberts for Lancôme (Hypnôse Precious Cells)

Vogue UK

FASHION FLASHBACK: The January 1957 issue of British Vogue stated that "Audrey Hepburn has changed from gamine to demure" - in the same year that she starred in Funny Face. 

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No time to hunt for the perfect makeup shades for your skin tone? Check out these picks makeup artists say look amazing on all women
Tell me if you've been here before: You see a picture in a magazine of a stunning fuchsia pink lipstick that looks AMAZING on the model, so you promptly rip out the magazine page and hightail it to Sephora with one mission: To get that fuchsia lipstick. 
But after 30 minutes of trying on eight different "fuchsia" lipsticks, you end up walking out of Sephora clutching your makeup equivalent of a security blanket -- your go-to sheer pink lip gloss. 
Look, we love having options -- but the endless number of hues and ever-so-subtle variations of peaches, pinks, and corals often have us breathing into a brown paper bag before resorting to our usual neutral makeup shades. 

That's why we tapped our go-to sources -- the best makeup artists in the biz -- to give us the color options that'll help us look put-together and be a little bit daring. And the best way to do that? Buy these 10 makeup products guaranteed to look amazing on all skin tones.
Don't be fooled. This goldmine of products isn't your typical "safe" makeup roundup. We pumped celebrity makeup artists David Maderich and Christina Guerra for the products they use on all of their celebrity clients, from pale-skinned Julianne Moore to chocolate-complexioned Kerri Washington. They say these 11 universally flattering makeup picks work well on every skin tone -- including yours. So, what's first on their lists these days? The universally flattering fuchsia lipstick, of course.

Surprised to see purple in this roundup? We were, too, but Maderich says this is a great universal color. Think about it, he says: "When you hear a dirty joke or just finished a workout, the natural flush in your cheeks has a purplish hue." The key to wearing this color well is in the appliction. See his tips below: 

For pale skin: Using a big fluffy brush, apply a sheer wash of the color high on the cheekbones. 
For medium/olive skin: Apply it on your cheeks, extending it to your temples. 

For dark skin: Apply the color on your cheeks, then with a sponge, reapply foundation on top of the color, to blend out any gray in the powder blush. "Mixing the plum with a little foundation is my secret to make the color look like it's emanating from within their skin," says Maderich.

"I just adore a sheer, gold gloss on everybody," says Maderich. "A sheer gold looks beautiful on its own for a Saturday brunch; on top of a pink lipstick, it looks like candlelight." And Maderich guarantees that a gold tint is flattering on all women. "Whether you have golden or pink undertones, gold flecks will add light to the skin. If you need a 4 o' clock pick me up, put a little gold on your lips to make your whole face pop."

"This is a showstopper. It's one of those colors you're going to love or hate since it's so bold," says Maderich. "But, this hot fuchsia is a beautiful color, and really does look good on everybody." He says many fuchsia lipsticks tend to have a lot of blue in them, which can look too pink on those with yellow undertones. Funny Face is one of the few "true" fuchsias. "If you don't have time to do your makeup, popping on a bright lip like this fuchsia will make you look put together in minutes -- and you'll definitely turn heads." 

Bonus: Maderich says this color is also appropriate for those past the 20-something age. "If you want to look younger or feel hip, I think fuchsia lips work on women of all ages."

Neutral gold eyeshadow, like a gold gloss, is universally flattering and helps brighten the eyes, helping you look more bright-eyed and awake. "Gold eyeshadow is more eye-catching than just brown eyeshadow, but not as intense as a purple. Gold eyes are more of a whisper than a scream, which is nice," says Maderich. The Bobbi Brown palette comes with five shades, so odds are good that you'll find one you love. You can use each as a separate eyeshadow, or you can swivel a fluffy blush brush over the palette and use as a flattering highlighter on your cheekbones.

"A shade of pinky brown is a really good neutral, because it adds definition to the lips but won't overpower your face or even your natural lip color," says Maderich. And since this shade has neutral undertones, it's a universally good pick for every skin tone. Insider tip: You can use this pinky-brown lipstick to correct or reshape thin lips. "Women always complain about a lack of an upper lip. I hate it when people use red lipstick to reshape their lips -- it usually makes them look like Joan Crawford," says Maderich. "With a pinky shade of brown, you can overdraw your lips and it'll look pretty darn natural." 

Bonus: "Pinky-nude is a beautiful color to wear if you have rosacea," says Maderich. "If you wear a lip color that's too red or too blue, it'll bring out the underlying redness in your cheeks."
"Don't be afraid of the green undertone of this long-wear cream eyeshadow," says Guerra. "The shimmery greenish-gray makes the perfect smoky eye -- without the harshness of black eyeshadow." She shares tips on how to wear the shadow below: 

Step 1: Apply to your lids using your fingertips. 
Step 2: Smudge a black or brown eyeliner over it and blend. 
Step 3: Top with black mascara and you're done. 
Step 4: For bonus drama, top with another universally flattering shade, Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in Where There's Smoke, $18.

This brownish-plum lip color may strike fear into your pink-lip-gloss wearing hearts, but Maderich assures us that the color is totally wearable and flattering for all skin tones. It's just a matter of personal preference. "It's a great color because it's right between blue and yellow." And even though the color looks fierce, Maderich says it's not a showstopper. Rather, it's the perfect color for when you want to add a little more definition to your lips without garnering too much attention. Some other, universally flattering options are Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $15, and Wet n' Wild Color Icon Lip Liner in 666 and 712, $0.99. 

Bonus: If you have a fuller face, you need a focal point to draw attention to the center, like a brown-plum lip. "A little definition at the center of the face can help sculpt the roundness," says Maderich. "A nude color can just make your face look like a beach ball."

While black is often every woman's go-to eyeliner shade, Maderich says he doesn't like black on everybody. That's because a lot of black eyeliners have blue undertones. On the other hand, "a nice dark chocolate brown eyeliner looks good on everybody." Guerra agrees. Her favorite choco brown liner is MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, because "it doesn't lean too red, making it the perfect all-purpose eye enhancer. Reddish tones can make your eyes look tired." Apply the liner to your top lashline for a natural look, or smudge it out with a brush to make your eyes really stand out.

It's a cult favorite for good reason: This peachy pink blush with just a hint of golden shimmer is flattering for most skin tones, because everybody has a little pink, peach, or gold in their skin, says Maderich. "The sheer bit of gold always makes the skin come to life. Whenever I'm in a hurry, I always reach for this blush, because I know it'll make anybody look good."

We know what you're thinking -- neon coral pink looks good on everyone? "Believe it," says Guerra. "This opaque formula can be applied full-strength for a look-at-me pout. Or, for a more wearable look, apply a tiny dot (a little goes a long way) onto the center of moisturized lips and blend."


Drawing attention to your mouth with a crimson color may make your cringe, but it doesn't have to. With these tips you'll learn the power -- and pretty -- that wearing a red lipstick can convey.

Does wearing red lipstick in a dark-ish shade-- make you uncomfortable? Does it make you feel like everyone's starting at a smudge across your two front teeth? Or make you feel like your somehow still playing dress up? You're not alone. But, with reds and other deep shades poised to rule the makeup roost this fall, it's time that we all garner a little confidence and figure out how to wear a red lipstick that works for us. 

You don't have to channel old fashioned icons like Bridgette Bardot or Marilyn Monroe with your red lipstick, you only have to do a little homework to find what works for you -- and once you do, you might be amazed by the power that a red lip can wield. 

One of the easiest, least time consuming ways to get a rich red lip is using a stain that comes in pen or marker form. (Try Pixi Lip Blush in Happiness, $18). To get the look, simply line your lips with the pen and fill them in. Draw on another coat and keep it hydrated with an occasional touch of colored lip balm. (Tip: You can manipulate your base shade of red from deep red to coral by adding different amounts of lip balm.)

To create the perfect classic red lip, line your lips and fill them in completely with a red lip pencil. (Try Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Liner in Red, $6.49). Then apply a bold, moisturizing red lipstick (such as Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival, $7.49). Blend the color with a lip brush for a more precise shape. 

To make the lip look more full and give it som "pop," use a brush to dot a light-reflecting concealer onto your cupid's bow (the dented part in the top of your upper lip) and blend outward. You can also do this on both sides of the bottom of your lip. Then dot a bit of lip balm or gloss on the center of your lips. And let Mr. DeMille know that you're ready for your close-up.

The key to getting your lips to look like they are radiating color from within, is to forego liner. Instead, dot color in the middle of your lips and blend outward with your fingers, says makeup artist Dwight O'Neal. You can do this with a stain, a lipstick, or both. O'Neal likes to apply the stain first (like a primer), then do a second dab-and-spread with lipstick, then a third with a tinted lip gloss or colored lip balm over it to help your color last. (Try Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple, $6.49.)

Even if you're not a "True Blood" fan, dark, vampy lips are an edgy way to spin a classic red -- and they look great with blue eyes. To get that blood hue, you'll need a bit of purple in your red. Line lips with a black-violet liner and do not fill in. Then apply a deep berry red lipstick (such as Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Rosary, $6.99). Blend the area where the two colors meet well with a lip brush.

Want red lips that shine like vinyl? Luster of that caliber requires two things: bold color and a sparkly red lip gloss. Follow the same steps you would take to get a classic red lip, only when you're done, slick on a coat of high-shine lip gloss. (Try Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss in Passion, $6.49.)

Bold, matte color looks sophisticated, but it can also draw attention to dry lips. Makeup guru Bobbi Brown suggests applying eye cream to freshly exfoliated lips (use your toothbrush or a lip exfoliant) so that you'll have a smooth, hydrated surface to work with. Then use a lip brush to line and fill in your lips with a bright red, slightly creamy, matte-finish lipstick (try MAC Mattene Lipstick in Eden Rouge, $14.50). If needed, apply a coat of matte-finish lip balm (such as Peter Thomas Roth Matte Lip Balm, $11) to keep the color from flaking throughout the day.

Red lipsticks look best on moisturized, flake-free mouths, so before you apply any color, do a good exfoliation session with a sugar scrub (try Sara Happ The Lip Scrub, $24), then smear on a rich moisturizer. When applying your lip color, the key to make it last is to layer the color, then keep it hydrated throughout the day. A good solid dose of lip liner before and upkeep with a red-tinted lip balm can help you to avoid the madness that is reapplication. Now, it's time to find your ideal shade of red lipstick.


Scared of the vampy statement lip? The dark lip trend isn't as hard to pull off as it may seem. From mulberry lipstick to deep berry stains, find your perfect shade here

It's the oldest trick in the "How to Update Your Look" handbook: new season, new lip color.

Except this year, the trendy shade shift wasn't from cherry to raspberry. No, all the cool kids are flaunting vampy, dark lipsticks that look like they were pulled straight from the "Twilight" series. And of course, when the models and celebs do it, they pull off the trend flawlessly.

Fair skin gals should opt for deep red or rich berry hues. For more oomph, add some gloss to the vampy hue. A high shine formula will attract even more focus to your pout. Just be sure to blot well to avoid bleeding outside of the lip lines.

Our faves:
1. Revlon Color Burst Lipbutter in Red Velvet, $7.49
2. cK One Lipgloss in Mad, $15

Women with olive or medium complexions should choose red-based maroon shades, which will warm the gold and yellow undertones in your skin. Just don't go too far into the browns. You don't want your lips to blend into your complexion.

Our faves:
1. Dior Rouge Dior Replenishing Lip Color in Fantastic Plum, $32
2. Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor in Deepest Cherry, $7.49

Ladies with darker complexions are lucky when it comes to the dark lipstick trend; they can venture into the world of blue-based purples. That collection of colors has a big bonus: They will make your teeth look extra white.

Our faves:
1. Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Smoked Purple, $15
2. Illamasqua Lipstick in Underworld, $24

Not ready to go full Goth? Opt for a lighter berry shade that has pink undertones. Think rich raspberry instead of plum.

Our faves:
1. CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColor in Eternal, $5.99
2. Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in Rose Sulfureuse, $25

Make-Up & Fashion!

"Éclats du Soir de CHANEL" Holiday 2012 Makeup Collection

The ultimate in luxury... The holiday spirit works its magic on CHANEL codes. The new "Éclats du Soir de CHANEL" Holiday Makeup Collection glows with the elegant luster of bronze-gold.

Barely There - Natural Look Makeup Tips by Maybelline New York

Look like the very best version of yourself. Makeup artist Grace Lee shows us how to achieve a natural makeup look that lets you shine through.

Natasha Poly: the portrait of a lady

Russian beauty Natasha Poly plays the Dolce&Gabbana woman to perfection on the catwalk. But backstage at the Dolce&Gabbana FW13 fashion show she tells Swide that she wasn't always so confident. It was through modelling that she learned to by happy in her body. That's why she's so grounded in her success, she never judges, or gossips. Natasha has more than a touch of class about her, she's a real lady.

Louis Vuitton Presents the Making Of the windows 'Bal du Siècle' at the ...

Louis Vuitton partners with the Galeries Lafayette this holiday season to celebrate the centennial of this famed and prestigious Parisian department store. For the occasion, Louis Vuitton has decorated the store windows with the theme "Bal du Siècle" (Ball of the century).

Go behind the scenes with this making of video and be sure to stop by this holiday season while in Paris.

Chicca Lualdi Beequeen Fall/Winter 2012-13: Designer at Work | Milan Fas...

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Saint Laurent CEO Slams Slimane Vs Simons Rivalry

SAINT LAURENT CEO, Paul Deneve, has criticised the "banal rivalry" between Hedi Slimane and Raf Simons that has been the subject of press speculation in recent months. The president of the French fashion house has criticised coverage of the two designer's recent Paris Fashion Week debuts, urging for people to give equal attention to the "many other talents who showed".

"It was about so much more than Hedi vs. Raf," he wrote in an open letter to WWD, slamming anyone who opted to "reduce the collective talent of all designers showing in Pairs to a so-called duel between two fashion houses and two men."

Deneve went on to suggest that in focusing on the comparison between Slimane and Simons, fashion critics were missing the bigger picture.

"To caricature the arrival of Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent to a banal rivalry with another house or designer encourages people to relegate fashion to a sideshow rather than the main event," he said. "In particular, it obscures what is a much richer and I think more important moment in the fashion industry. Hedi's choice to join YSL was motivated by a very clear vision for the house, which means round-the-clock work for him and all my teams to turn that vision into a reality for all to see and enjoy." 

Kristina Ti Fall/Winter 2012-13: Designer at Work Cristina Tardito | Mil...

Kristina Ti Fall/Winter 2012-13: Designer at Work Cristina Tardito | Milan Fashion Week MILAN - FashionTV reveals all the secrets behind Kristina Ti's Fall/Winter 12-13 show. The designer, Cristina Tardito tells us that she wanted to bring the grange style back to the new generation with big layered shapes, dark colors with gold touches and lots of details. Tardito had Frances Bean Cobain, 'the daughter of..', in mind when she designed this line. 

APPEARANCES: Cristina Tardito 

Fashion - Spring Water, for Babies to Billionaires




Which Victoria's Secret Angel Replaces Kate Moss as the New Face of Mango?

Model-of-the-moment Miranda Kerr is the new face of Mango, succeeding Kate Moss for the Spanish brand's spring campaign. Miranda follows a long line of famous beauties that have posed for Mango, including Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger.

Check out this behind-the-scenes photo of Miranda shot by fashion photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. "We had a great time shooting the campaign and it was very easy working with the entire team," she said. "What’s more, Mango is a brand that I love. You always find the perfect garment for every occasion!"

I'm sure this is just the first of many ad campaigns that will feature Miranda in spring ads. As you already know, she's also a Victoria's Secret angel and has appeared in ads for Levi's and Maybelline New York.

NEWS:New Victoria’s Secret angels

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn to join the brand

Cara Delevinge and Jourdan Dunn backstage at Burberry Spring Summer 2013

The Victoria’s Secret catwalk show is a massive event with a reliably starry cast of supermodel 'Angels'. And this year, on Wednesday, two new faces join the heavenly ranks: our very own Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn. Both girls tweeted while on the way to the USA; Jourdan only just making her flight after leaving her passport at home. 

They join an elite group – including Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel – to pass the rigorous selection process before donning, well, not very much to strut their stuff in front of a celebrity-packed audience, a huge television audience when it airs on US channel CBS and alongside star performers: last year Kanye and Jay Z took to the catwalk; this year Rihanna and Justin Bieber are rumoured to be doing the same. 

Victoria's Secret have well and truly broken down the barriers between high fashion and lingerie modelling: Jourdan and Cara have bookings for Chanel and Burberry under their belts. But while designer runways might be their more natural habitat, who could resist the offer to wear a really sparkly bra?  

NEWS:Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn at theatre awards

Celebrities in Burberry on the red carpet

Models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn attend the 58th Evening Standard Theatre Awards.
Fashion met culture last night, as stylish stars descended on the Savoy to celebrate the fifty-eighth Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

The event was held in partnership with Burberry, and many members of the fashion brand’s 'family' were on the red carpet, with chief creative director Christopher Bailey (who co-hosted the awards) and campaign photographer Mario Testino rubbing shoulders with models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, who both shone in beautiful Burberry gowns.

American Vogue editor Anna Wintour was also in attendance in a glittering silver fishtail gown and white fur stole. 

Fashionable actresses Felicity Jones, Gemma Arterton and Ruth Wilson joined Colin Firth and Homeland's Damien Lewis to honour Judi Dench, who was recognised for her lifelong contribution to world theatre.

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M·A·C Glamour Daze

The aura of couture, the drama of the dressing room, the glamour of getting ready to step out for the holidays. Sweet to sexy, lips to nails. An unforgettable look emerges with the shimmer of M·A·C Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Powder Blush. Evening eyes are done in Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, Fluidline and False Lashes. And, the festive finishing touches: Lipglass in Pink Fade and Nail Lacquer in Endless Night. 


  • Beauty Pale cool pink (Glaze)
  • Innocence Soft coral (Frost)
  • Outrageously Fun Mid-tone magenta violet (Cremesheen)
  • Glamourdaze Mid-tone creamy plum (Cremesheen)
  • Dramatic Encounter Deep purple (Amplified)


  • Impossibly Sweet Sheer soft pink with multidimensional pearl
  • Pink Fade Light creamy pink
  • Talk Softly to Me Light creamy coral pink
  • Deliciously Demure Soft cool brown with pearl
  • Flight of Fancy Rich purple
Nail Lacquer
  • Endless Night Pale grey pink with iridescent pearl
  • Girl Trouble Super glitter pink
  • Everything that Glitters Black with super multidimensional glitter
  • In the Limelight Mid-tone creamy mint
Extra Dimension Eyeshadow 

  • A Natural Flirt Soft peachy nude
  • Evening Grey Steel silver
  • Divine Blue Mid-tone aqua
  • Ready to Party Pale lilac
  • Round Midnight Dark burgundy
  • Stolen Moment Dark taupe
  • Stylishly Merry Mid-tone dusty violet
  • Tall, Dark, & Handsome Black with pearl

Kohl Power Eye Pencil 

  • Raven Intense black with red pearl
  • Orpheus Intense black with gold pearl
  • Mystery Intense black with green pearl
  • Feline Intense black with black pearl
  • False Lashes Black Black
  • Catch My Eye Cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl
  • Feminine Edge Pink mauve with dazzle pearl
  • Little Black Bow Charcoal with dazzle pearl
Powder Blush 

  • Easy Manner Light dirty peach
  • I’m the One Mid-tone blue pink
  • Small Vanity Dusty rose tan
  • Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Superb Soft peachy nude with multidimensional shimmer

Whisper of Gilt Light soft white gold with shimmery sheen.

Which one prefer most?

Suit you daily or your evening make-up eye with the nails and your favourite lips!

Daily Look! 

Evening Look!
Eye Make-Up:

 Colour Lips like those:

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