Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lorde's dark lip is a total throwback to her "Tennis Court" video, and we're obsessed. Here's how to get it:

We can think of about a dozen reasons to name Lorde today's Beauty Queen--hello, have you seen her hair?! But even though we'll always obsess over the 16-year-old's epic curls and will save that tutorial for another day, we're currently lusting over another one of her beauty tricks: that ultra-dark lip. 

Ella Yelich-O'Connor showed off the dramatic eggplant hue at the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit last night in New York City. While her hair was wild and crazy and gorgeous as usual, she kept the rest of her makeup fairly lowkey, with porcelain skin and subtle, shimmery eye makeup. After all, it's the purplish-black pout here that should really own the spotlight. 

While a lipstick like this one might seem out of place during the summer, consider this perfect timing--especially now that the days are shorter and the temps are dropping-- and not to mention, it's a total throwback to her "Tennis Court" video. So whether or not you have a record-breaking number one single to your name (hey, we can't all be "Royals"), see how to nab Lorde's look below.

COVER IT: Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfecting Gel, $48
Start with a clean, even slate by smoothing just a pea-sized amount of this super-lightweight cream on your face. It blends seamless into your complexion, and feel free to build it in areas where you need extra coverage (like undereyes and problem spots). 

HIGHLIGHT IT: Dior Luminous Graphic Eye Palette Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Line, $48
Next up, make your eyes shimmer with this triple-threat palette. Taking an eyeshadow pencil, use the natural wash all over your lid and brow bone. Then, take the liner (with a liner brush) and run it close to the upper lash line--don't forget a subtle flick at the end. Finally, dab the lightest highlighter around the inside corner for that glimmering "V."

DARKEN IT: MAC Lipstick in Cyber, $15
Last but not least, it's all about the deep lipcolor. MAC's Cyber is about as dark purple as you can get--not too plum, but not quite black, this dense eggplant hue is the easiest way to secretly pretend you're a teenage New Zealand pop star, too. 

See Lorde's signature dark lip in action in the video for "Tennis Court" for even more inspiration.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tattoo Tips: What to know before the ink

The general public is bombarded with tattoo iconography. Whether or not to get a tattoo is a serious life-altering decision. Here are some things to think about before you get the ink.
Every time you modify your body you are putting your life in someone else’s hands. People are taught that unprotected sex can lead to disease, what about an unclean artist? Upstart chop shops pop up on every corner offering $20 tattoos and $20 piercings, and with the tattoo culture being embraced by pop culture, people often make the mistake of thinking one studio is just as good as another. Bargain hunting is great for clothes and mascara but not when it comes to something that will last a life time.
Aside from occasional inspections and yearly licensing fees, the state is relatively uninvolved- the remainder of the time the tattoo studio and artists are left on their honor. What if the tattoo studio you walk into has no honor? Each tattoo studio is different- you can’t assume a place is safe simply because they have a license. There are basic things you should know about the industry before handing your life over to someone you just met.
Between 30-70% of the population carries Staph in the nose and on the surface of the skin. In daily life Staph does not affect you, once it enters the bloodstream, however, it can become deadly. Staph causes many complications and derivative infections. Staph is the number one concern of poorly done modifications, reaching near epidemic proportions in the states during the past two years. HIV is delicate and cannot exist outside the human body, and the design of tattoo needles does not lend itself to the transmission of HIV. There has never been a reported case of HIV/AIDS in the US from a tattoo. Hepatitis is a concern if the studio is unclean. Hepatitis is a very hardy virus that can survive long periods outside the human body. A minor scratch with a dirty needle is all it takes to transmit the virus.
Where Hep can only be detected by a blood test, Staph has a number of visible symptoms including pustules, pimples and boils. The pustules contain the bacteria and make this so easily spread because touching the infected site and then touching another surface transmits the bacteria to the new surface and contaminates it, putting everyone who comes into contact with it at risk for infection. How do you prevent this from happening? Know what to look for when you walk into a studio, what to ask to make sure they are safe, what to look for in a portfolio to insure your artist is worthy of your skin, how to take care of your modification to insure proper healing. Search online for local studios and once you decide on the studio you want to use, visit the shop prior to getting your work done.
When checking out shops keep in mind you are interviewing these people to permanently alter your body. First things first: Are the people clean and helpful? Is the studio clean and also well lit? Do they have portfolios available? This is your chance to familiarize yourself with the person you are handing your life over to. Autoclaves are steam pressure sterilizers used to sterilize the materials used during a modification procedure. For safety purposes they should spore tested regularly- don’t hesitate to ask the studio to see their spore test results. This is your body and your choice. Don’t be shy asking about aseptic procedures as a reputable studio will welcome informed questions regarding their practices. Studios are monitored by government authorities in most cases, ask to see their most recent inspection. Not all studios dispose of their needles after each client: ask the artists if they use single service needles only. Once you have satisfied yourself with the tattoo studio and artists, if they don’t have portfolios don’t get work! Take the time to look through the portfolios before looking at the flash on the walls. Flash can be bought off eBay- portfolios show you what you are paying for!
A tattoo artist’s portfolio is their resume so check out their work. Are the photos clean and focused? Are they free of blood and debris? When looking through the portfolio don’t focus on subject matter so much as composition: a tattoo is judged on four elements outlined below:

Line Work: Are lines solid, dense, smooth and consistent? Do they overlap or crossover? Do they look scratchy or faded? Danger signs include blacks that look faded, scratchy or squiggly, a grey haze surrounding the tattoo or any lumpy or rough texture.
Shading: Is the color work dense and bright? Is there dimension and shading in colors? Do the colors work well and flatter the body? Bad tattoos will have danger signs- colors that look old or faded even when fresh, colors that don’t work for subject matter or complexion and colors that seem uneven or blotchy.
Placement: Does it flatter that part of the body? Does it compliment the curves of the body and facing the proper direction? Look at the overall effect- vanities should be straight, images should not face into the body (there are exceptions to the rule such as an image facing a preexisting image on the body) and the tattoo should never take away from the flow of the body’s muscle groups.
Originality: Does the tattoo look like every other butterfly/cross/heart you’ve seen? Are the colors dynamic and creative? Have you seen the same tattoo on a dozen other people? Some images are timeless and will always be part of the tattoo world, but remember you are marking yourself as an individual and your tattoo should be as unique as you are. 
Designs off the wall are called “flash” because they were originally intended to “flash” ideas at you and give you inspiration for your own piece. If you pull something off the wall you are guaranteed that there are other people running around with that exact tattoo.

Tattoos are an intensely gratifying form of self-expression and should be treated with respect and responsibility. Tattoos are a lifetime investment, please treat your body with the respect it deserves. Find a tattoo artist worthy of your skin!

How To Make Your Make-up Stay Put

Whether you are outside all day at a summer festival or inside all night at a hot club, you want to make sure that your make-up stays in place.
Here are some make-up tips and tricks that I have found will work best to maintain the longevity of your look. No two people wear make-up the same way, so take my suggestions and tweak them so that they will work well for you.

Skin: Make sure that you exfoliate the skin rather well before make-up application. The make-up will look better over the top of skin that is even. Use a very light oil free moisturizer with SPF of 20 or above. If you have oily skin just use a little oil free SPF. Make-up sticks well to dry skin but you don’t want the face so dry that it makes the makeup clump together on the face.
SPF: We all know by now that we need to be using SPF everyday no matter what, right? Keep in mind that you need to let sunscreen sit on the skin for at least 20 minutes before stepping outside. Please remember to put sunscreen on your scalp, the top of the ears and the tops of your feet. Those are the places most easily forgotten. You can also find hair products to help prolong the color of your hair with an added SPF. The sun loves to suck the color out of hair, especially dyed-black hair.
Primer: Primer for face base will help to smooth out most imperfections and will help make-up last as long as possible. You can now find face primers with added SPF. The use of primers will allow you to keep the number of products on your face to a minimum, giving you less of a chance for disaster. Eye shadow and lip primers will help you to get a very bright and bold look of a color while also helping the product stay in place.
Base: I have found that tinted moisturizer is the most wearable base for a very fair look. I used to pile a lot of white base on my face and then realized that it makes people look older and less in control of the face. You can opt for a very fair shade of tinted moisturizer and build the base to perfection. This look also allows the skin to breathe so that you are not sweating off all of your hard work. If you would like more coverage, try mixing a heavier foundation with a little bit of moisturizer on your own. This method will provide the right kind of moisture for the face while still giving you a lot of coverage. Set the make-up with a very light translucent or white powder. If you have pinkish skin, try using a green or yellow tinted face setting powder. This will assist you in achieving a very fair look while using less actual face make-up.
Eyes: For your eyes this summer, I would suggest using Eye Tattoo by Hard Candy. The product is available in many different looks and each comes with its own setting powder to make sure that they stay put. If you would prefer to use only black liner or shadow, try using She Laq by Benefit Cosmetics to actually seal on eye shadow, eyebrows and mascara. This clear, waterproof liquid works well to actually lock on those parts of your make-up. It washes off well and comes with a mini brush set. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are also a great idea to help keep the longevity of your look.
Lips: Use a primer and a liner to keep your lip color in place. A great look for high impact is black eyeliner on the lips with a clear gloss over the top. It is always a good idea to outline the lip area with a light concealer to keep the lip color in place as long as possible.
Set: One of the best tips that I have learned over the years is to set a very heavy face with a light mist. Use either a make-up setting mist or even a light mist of water can work. This concept seems backwards, but if done right, can actually prolong the life of your make-up. Hard Candy products that can be found online or in any Walmart. My favorite Hard Candy products include Eye Tattoo in Animal and Sheer Envy Primer and Tinted Moisturizer. For setting spray I recommend Fix+ by MAC.