Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Hairstyles that Men adore!

Sometimes the hairstyles that we like them can vary a great deal from those dear to 
Men . However there are some styles which are objectively loves men. 
What are they; 

(1). Loose Boho hair Love long, carefree
Wavy hair on a woman. 
What is not too cavernous and is soft to the touch. 

(2) Sporty ponytail also, they really like the sporty high ponytail, 
A combing that all we have as easy solution days who βαριόμαστε. 
It should be noted that this combing does not match very heavy makeup, 
So be careful. 

(3) Twist it into a knot of the… 
Hot librarian code snippets make a low Koco and secure it with tweezers. 
A combing combined beautifully with a' skirt, a blouse with buttons and glasses. 

(4) Carefree sexy hair combing is a very easy match for the plays off plenty 
And the σαγηνευτικό gaze . 
All you have to do is to leave your hair dry. Put foam, dry a little with the hairdryer, 
To stir and put a little hairspray. 

(5) Quiff and flicks Regardless if you have long or short hair, 
The flicks with fringe is a combing who love men. 

(6) Buns what man can resist a "innocent" Lolita; 

(7) Near and chic 

While for most men the hair in a woman is not in the first 
Their preferences, there are some who love to the appropriate woman. 
If you have thin hair, you could try a short pixie hair cut or a stylish frames… 
And why not? 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Make-up Ingredients for Aging Skin

With age, spots and wrinkles appear, and your skin becomes thinner. It sustains more sun damage as well. The good news is that there are make-up ingredients that mask signs of aging.

Make-up and cosmetics with antioxidants are a good choice for aging skin. They help cover under-eye circles, wrinkles, and dull and dry skin. Some antioxidants actually help to slow down the process of aging. These include Q-10, retinol, vitamin C, and green tea extract. Retinol is an ingredient in quality cosmetics, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Products that contain retinol exfoliate the skin and make it look soft, fresh, and smooth. Pores become less noticeable, and irregular pigmentation disappears. Vitamin C is another important ingredient that helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and minimizes scars. Many make-up producers add vitamin C to lotions, creams, and other products. Q10 is an important enzyme that rejuvenates aging skin and boosts skin repair. Q10 is a popular skin care ingredient and antioxidant, which is added to moisturizers, creams, gels, and toners. It helps reduce wrinkles and protects the skin against free radicals. Other ingredients that rejuvenate aging skin include caffeine, aalicylic acid, and Acai oil.

The Most Effective Beauty Products on the Market

There is a wide array of products for women who are looking for flaw-erasing foundations and concealers, eye-popping mascaras and eye shadows, and high quality lipsticks. Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, for example, is emollient-rich, glossy, and sheer. It features a combination of natural tones and transparent pigments and costs $15. M.A.C’s Tinted Lipglass in Nymphette is a lip gloss that is available in a large variety of shades. It creates a subtle sheen or a glass-like, high-gloss finish.

If you are looking for a high quality concealer, CoverGirl’s Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer is a good choice. This is a lightweight, long-lasting formula that comes in different colors, including creamy beige, natural beige, buff beige, creamy natural, and classic ivory. The concealer has skin-brightening pigments that will make your skin even and glowing. When it comes to eye shadows, you can try M.A.C’s Eye Shadow, which is in the form of highly-pigmented powder. You can choose from different shades, including espresso, nylon, and vanilla. Eye shadows come with different finishes such as satin, matte, luster, frost, and others. Limited edition shadows include Parisian skies, jete, and guacamole.

Make-up to Camouflage Wrinkles and Look Younger

Regardless of age, make-up will make your skin fresh and flawlessly beautiful. There are foundations, liners, eye shadows, and blushes that will give you that extra boost. You can choose from classy brands such as Lancome, MAC, Milani, and Vital Radiance. MAC features good blushes and eye shadows while Lancome has great mascaras.

 Regardless of the brand that you choose, there are some tips to follow. Avoid foundations that give your skin a shimmery look because they will make you look older. It is better to opt for a moisturizing foundation or a tinted moisturizer that covers wrinkles and spots. Another option is to get prescriptives foundation, which doesn’t look heavy or fake and gives full coverage. Stay away from powder-based cosmetics and face powders because they give the skin a flat appearance. Opt for a cream blusher to make your skin look fresh and healthy. Choose eye shadows that complement your skin and eye color. Use brown or black mascara and apply it on your upper lashes. If necessary, you can apply 2 or 3 coats. Avoid dark lipsticks and opt for pink and nude lip glosses and lip sticks.

Your Manicure Talks About You

According to different psychologists and dermatologists the shape and condition of our nails may say a lot about our health, character and way of living. The upper layer of your nails is a peculiar substance formed in the same way as for example are formed skin and hair.

Due to the fact that this layer is influenced by the blood organs then its appearance may tell you much about your organism.

Besides this, specialists have found that the shape of the manicure also talks much about our whole beings.

People with nails shaped as spade are often qualified as energetic and realistic.

Quadrangular nails are inherent about disciplined and self-controlled men who love order.

People of arts do have oval or cone-shaped manicure.

Uneven nails are peculiar to egocentric and irritable people.

If you see longitudinal strips than you probably have loss of vitamins or problems with your stomach. A change in the colour of your nails may be either due to nicotine or to problems with the liver. However, sometimes even darker nail-polishers may cause darkening to your nails. If you see this has happened to your manicure you may turn back its natural colour using lemon juice and fine nail-file.

5 Most Dangerous Chemicals in Cosmetics

While some cosmetic products cause skin and eye irritations, there are toxic chemicals that cause vomiting, depression, and even coma. Polyethylene glycol, for example, is potentially carcinogenic and weakens the immune system. Propylene glycol is another toxic chemical that leads to kidney, liver, and brain abnormalities. Workers that handle this chemical are required to wear goggles and protective clothing and gloves. Yet, many deodorants, lotions, and make-up products contain it.

Formaldehyde is a substance used as a preservative and disinfectant. Some eyelash adhesives and nail polishes contain it. This chemical is banned in the European Union because it poses health risks. It is associated with asthma, genetic and immune system damage, different types of cancer, and respiratory problems. Lead, which is a known neurotoxin, is an ingredient of some lipsticks. Even a low concentration of lead can lead to developmental problems and brain damage. Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of the most dangerous chemicals in personal care cosmetics. Combined with other chemicals, it is transformed into a powerful carcinogen that can cause immune system damage. Laboratory animals exposed to sodium lauryl sulfate experience skin irritation, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, eye damage, and death.

Applying Make-up like a Movie Star

You are all dressed up for a night out and want to create a flawless make-up for a glamorous and stylish look. It won’t take you a lot of time to turn yourself into a stylish diva.

You’ve probably seen Kajol’s and Mukherjee’s make-up. They use a soft gel eyeliner and nude or brown eye shadows. Don’t use glimmers or shimmer unless you want to achieve a more dramatic look. If you like the black smokey eye look, you can achieve it by applying white base on the entire lid. Then smudge it with a stick and apply black eyeliner on the upper lid. Blend it with a brush and use white eye shadows on the brow bone. Apply black eye shadow on the outer lid and under the eye. Use a little brown or grey eye shadow to blend the black color. You can also use metallic grey and black, which is a great combo for a party look. Use black liner to highlight the waterline and curl your lashes. You can use the pencil eyeliner by Revlon. The final step is to apply black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

Maybelline NY :)

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The Rock or the Romantic one?