Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Manicure Talks About You

According to different psychologists and dermatologists the shape and condition of our nails may say a lot about our health, character and way of living. The upper layer of your nails is a peculiar substance formed in the same way as for example are formed skin and hair.

Due to the fact that this layer is influenced by the blood organs then its appearance may tell you much about your organism.

Besides this, specialists have found that the shape of the manicure also talks much about our whole beings.

People with nails shaped as spade are often qualified as energetic and realistic.

Quadrangular nails are inherent about disciplined and self-controlled men who love order.

People of arts do have oval or cone-shaped manicure.

Uneven nails are peculiar to egocentric and irritable people.

If you see longitudinal strips than you probably have loss of vitamins or problems with your stomach. A change in the colour of your nails may be either due to nicotine or to problems with the liver. However, sometimes even darker nail-polishers may cause darkening to your nails. If you see this has happened to your manicure you may turn back its natural colour using lemon juice and fine nail-file.

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