Monday, February 11, 2013

Make-up to Camouflage Wrinkles and Look Younger

Regardless of age, make-up will make your skin fresh and flawlessly beautiful. There are foundations, liners, eye shadows, and blushes that will give you that extra boost. You can choose from classy brands such as Lancome, MAC, Milani, and Vital Radiance. MAC features good blushes and eye shadows while Lancome has great mascaras.

 Regardless of the brand that you choose, there are some tips to follow. Avoid foundations that give your skin a shimmery look because they will make you look older. It is better to opt for a moisturizing foundation or a tinted moisturizer that covers wrinkles and spots. Another option is to get prescriptives foundation, which doesn’t look heavy or fake and gives full coverage. Stay away from powder-based cosmetics and face powders because they give the skin a flat appearance. Opt for a cream blusher to make your skin look fresh and healthy. Choose eye shadows that complement your skin and eye color. Use brown or black mascara and apply it on your upper lashes. If necessary, you can apply 2 or 3 coats. Avoid dark lipsticks and opt for pink and nude lip glosses and lip sticks.

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