Sunday, November 27, 2011

The advertising of Miu Miu was banned

Miu Miu's ad by Hailee Steinfeld banned by the British Advertising Standards Agency. The ad shows Fourteen Steinfeld sitting on the train tracks, characterized "irresponsible" because "it shows achild in a dangerous situation."
The Prada Retail Ltd, which owns the Miu Miu, explained that advertising "based on the idea of ​​a fantasy film" starring Steinfeldand that they had "to show a child in an unsafe place. The ad was photographed in an abandoned train line in a foreign country. TheHailee Steinfeld sat on the edge of the rails as if resting betweenshooting a film on a hot day. "They also said that "advertisingseems that there is a train, as shown clearly permits rails on the horizon", thus negating any suggestion of danger....Oops! :)

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